A Bit About Me

Hello and welcome to Houseplant Paradise! I’m Geo, a plant addict with well over 30 different kinds of houseplants ranging from succulents to monsteras. I’m a college student by day and a plant mom all year-round. I’ve had my fair share of accidentally killing my plants, but I’ve learned how to keep that from happening a second time (usually). I’ve also worked at a garden centre for three years and I’m here to share my knowledge and experience with you!

About Houseplant Paradise

This blog is here to help:

  • New planters just starting out their collection.
  • People who love plants and live in colder climates.
  • The green thumbs.
  • The not-so-green thumbs.
  • Anyone who’s just looking to learn something new!

This blog will cover everything from caring for aloe vera plants to the mental and physical benefits of gardening. Eventually I plan on diving into interviews with local gardeners and garden centre representatives to give you an inside scoop on Winnipeg’s very own houseplant paradise.

Thanks for reading and tune in every week for a new post about houseplants!

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