Why You Should Dust Your Houseplants

If you’ve ever walked through a greenhouse and seen someone cleaning the plants, you may have wondered why. I mean, should we really clean our plants? They grow in soil and get water. What more do they need?

Despite houseplants growing in soil, it’s actually important for you to clean your houseplants on a regular basis to get rid of dust.

As dust builds up on your houseplants, it blocks one of the most important parts your plant needs to survive – sunlight. Sunlight aids in photosynthesis, which is food for your plant, so blocking it obviously isn’t good for your houseplants.

Here’s how you can keep your plants clean.

How To Dust Your Plants:

Okay, so it probably sounds straightforward, but every plant is different when it comes to dusting/cleaning. Some plants have softer and fuzzier leaves than others. Here are several different ways to keep your plants happy.


This is the easiest method when it comes to cleaning your houseplants. You can start with something as simple as spraying your plant with lukewarm water (too cold or too hot will harm it) and let the water from your sink or shower rinse the rest of the dust off. If your plant is small and delicate, you can lightly wipe the plant clean or dip it partly in water and swish it around. Once you’re done doing that make sure you dry it off before setting it back down to avoid root rot or harm to your houseplant.


For plants like the African violet, you’ll want to brush the dust away since the leaves don’t like getting damp. Using a soft brush like a mushroom brush (you know, the ones you use to clean potatoes sometimes?) simply sweep the dust off the leaves. It may take longer than the other methods, but your plant will be happier because of it.


For big plants that are too heavy to move, you can wipe them with a lukewarm water and light soap mixture. With a cloth, lightly wipe away at the leaves and you’ll be left with a nice shiny leaf! After the major dust is gone, you can keep your houseplant clean by using a duster every few days or couple weeks depending on how dusty the plant location is.

Doing this will make for a healthier plant and less work for you in the long run too. Happy planting!

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